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Before hitting flat footprints in the sand pit will be punished

Q: Ted faced a difficult need to cross the green surrounding bunker close cut. He noted in his play some footprints in the sand pit on the wire. Considering his balls may fall into the bunker, before Ted play raked the footprints. Rules allow you to do it?

Answer: not allowed. To this end, Ted in Stroke Play will be subject to penalty in the second rod of punishment, or match penalty was the hole in the negative. Golf 13-2 various actions to take against players (including manufacturing uneven the ground state or trimming do not
Flat States), to improve his line of play. Play line (line of play) is the definition of \"player expectations after hitting the ball movement direction, coupled with the appropriate extended distance on both sides of the expected direction. \"13-2 the rule also prohibits improve the line of play across the hole extended area within appropriate distance, so Ted are not raked along the same line of play of the other side of the hole in the sand pit.

If Ted distance for moving sand rake, pace it off like levelled when he walks through sand pit on the grounds of their tread footprints, is also to follow this rule punishment. If the other player damaged his line of play, he is not entitled to play line back to its original condition.

However, when Ted is waiting for the ball, if there are other people to walk in the bunker, which was allowed to trim sandbox makes it back to its original condition.

And how to dispose of the following conditions?

Q: Ted from the sandbox to the side played a tricky bunker shots, levelled after his footprints. Sandbox was formed by hitting the region still in his next game on the line. He will be punished because of improved play line do?

Answer: No. Golf rule 13-4 allows players to play the ball after the obstacle zone may not be restricted to flat barrier of sand in the region. This right of negatived the provisions incompatible with any other rules, including rules of golf 13-2 (case 13-4/37.5).

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