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Golf swing to master the correct posture plays an important role

This is a part of \"different people have different views, and have expressed all kinds of\" issue, the author and do not intend to cause you to debate this issue, as a person engaged in research and sales of golf equipment, just from the perspective of the ball, with members to explore the importance of golf to play a good round of golf, ball friends in hopes for you when you purchase equipment to provide some reference.
Has begun playing friends have the experience, the correct golf swing posture more difficult to master one of the original
Is: because swing action is about the body (lateral) turn, while arms needs from top to bottom (vertical) movements, and to this moment of transverse and longitudinal movement in the ball reached relative co-ordination of integration, to hammer out a \"strike\". This almost no exercises in the normal everyday life, even rarely used in other sports projects, needs a lot of practice to make the body muscles to \"memory\" live this way, be able to master. Determination of professional bodies, a complete swing action time is 3 seconds on average and hitting the average time for a moment: five out of 10,000 seconds! In other words: to 3 seconds in the two completely different direction of motor coordination, and must be achieved to 0.0005 seconds \"perfect combination\", and in that moment you need to avoid any small mistakes.

It is the golf swing posture of this difficulty, to ignore the importance of the ball, especially for people who have just started learning to play golf, they become good at ball causes blamed insufficient action right! In fact, the most difficult to grasp the correct ball friends swing action of the main reason is because there is no use in line with their level of equipment!

You know, manufacturers of the brand is basically in accordance with the \"beginner, intermediate, advanced,\" this Division to launch its own product, its purpose is to facilitate your current level to select the right equipment!

First, we talk about why you want to use for beginners \"Starter Kit\"? A more extreme (Club driver) example: length 45 inches, Club face angle, shaft hardness of 8.5 x, total weight 350 g Club, golf enthusiasts in General see this data, will certainly feel that you can\'t use, let alone the beginner. Beginner ball who regular manufacturers on the market has generally followed such a specification, Club General aspect: light weight, swing weight is also lighter; bar head: low center of gravity, Club face angle larger; shaft: soft; whether it is hardcore rods, essentially this design specifications will be taken.

Total weight and waved Rod weight more light, is because consider to early scholars also does not using body of Rotary to led ball rod, if overweight will makes arm difficult, caused beginner subconscious to using arm of forces to waving ball rod, to cannot society by body of rotation to led ball rod of correct waved Rod posture; Rod head low gravity and larger of Rod surface angle design, is to makes beginner to easily to will ball playing up, if always to roll ball words, easy makes beginner lost confidence and interest. Soft shaft designed primarily to allow beginners to fully experience: once the body and arm coordination to achieve the \"perfect combination\" feel when, can also be called to achieve \"perfect combination\" of the evidence. When scholars occasionally and made a good, General specific feeling is: \"by what seems to be no effort, it is easy to hit the ball out very far. ”

Has has must Foundation of ball friends are know, to basic correct of posture for waved Rod Shi, in by body of rotation to led arm Xia Rod Shi, because Rod head weight of causes, people will experience to rod body of toughness (soft and rich elastic of bent), dang using good has this soft and rich elastic of bent will ball hit out Shi, on will produced out \"good as no with what effort, and is easily to on will ball hit out is far of feeling\", actually this on can proved you of waved Rod action comparison correct. Due to the swing speed is not fast enough for beginners, if the shaft is soft, cause the rod of the toughness of body feel more obvious.

For intermediate who,, select for own of ball rod on is more important, because in this a stage, because waved Rod posture has basic fixed, and almost all intermediate level ball friends of waved Rod posture are will exists such or is as of problem, if at this time then to correction posture is pieces very pain of things, PGA of occupational coach Gary Wiren had pointed out that: to corrected a errors action, need will correct of new action repeat 10,000 times above. For most amateur golf enthusiasts, this is almost impossible for, I believe many people will have the vital experience. At this point, the most effective way to improve your score too late to select a suitable for themselves in swing Club. Such as: If ball of directional does not stability, can select \"rod head around of inertial can rate\" more large some of, and or is to produced more Hou Rotary some of ball rod; and for often hit out right song ball of people: is can select Rod surface angle for close type of, or is ball Rod landing angle larger of, or is Rod head of gravity distance more short of ball with; for hope corrected Draw, and improve hitting distance, and effective hits, and adjustment ballistic high and low and so on requirements, are can take select has targeted of, and more for own waved Rod action habits of ball with, to for effective to adjustment, to reached improve results of purpose.

For a professional player, would have more emphasis on equipment, members will recall that, last year Tiger \"Woods\" have openly complained about active kick off wood good and 1 non-official game uses TITLEIST, first in wood, the NIKE company extremely embarrassing. Abroad, professional clubs are basically used is \"tailor\", he (she) of their equipment, particularly for shaft performance requirements are very high.

To sum up, learn from the first ball, to have the correct set of golf swing posture plays an important role if using equipment that does not fit at this time, people tend to subconsciously use some incorrect remedy actions for Hammer

Balls, thus did not have the correct swing posture. For intermediate and advanced players, and choice of suitable equipment for their swing habits, you can make up for their lack of action on the, quickly improve their grades, fully enjoy the pleasures of golf the sport. Of course, you should not have thus found the ball ball friends be more important than in swing, to ignore the swing action exercises in swing is a basic skill, the more solid basic skills, the more we can help you to maximize the power of equipment, more good results. Relationship between the two are complementary.

(Golf Zhang chaojie Takeda)

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