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Landed on the ball in the bunker is attached a small worm can move

David Barrett (David Barrett)

Q: Scott found he fell on the ball in the bunker of a small worm, with his fingers to hit the ball after the insects away, do allow it?

Answer: no! Living insects cannot be considered of attachment of the ball. It should be reset obstruction (rule 23). Such as
Fruit Scott the ball on the Putting Green channel (fairway and Rough), he is a worm can be taken away, and when the player when the ball is inside the obstacles he cannot hit a sprinkle obstructions and mobile barriers in the region. Scott should be in the Stroke Play penalty of two rods, and penalties in the match for the hole.

However, as the insects have life, and may well own to leave, so you can allow players to take fan the arm, clubs or other came in a way that worms left, if the bugs go away, and the player has failed to meet it or bunker ground or move other sprinkle obstructions inside the bunker, players were not punished.

In a Water Hazard, although by definition strictly speaking of flying insects are also sprinkle the barrier, but according to the principles of Justice (rule 1-4), players can still get rid of them.

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