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About the USGA Handicap System questions and answers

Here are answers to some common problems and their almost, hope the Club can be implemented almost system and help comply with the principles of the USGA Handicap System.

Q: Club almost should be made up of several members of the Committee?

Answer: at least 3 characters, including 1 handicap Secretary responsible for completing specific ball club scorecard and submitted entry, Member of USGA Handicap Index of updated and published work.

Q: what is almost the primary responsibilities of the Committee?

A: maintain the accuracy of the USGA Handicap System Member playing first depends on the achievement of the complete record to guarantee complete member between the \"ball friends supervision\" procedures. So almost Committee\'s primary responsibility is to supervise and to accept Scorecard members submit effective and timely input in the system.

Ask: almost almost needs to be a member of the Commission calculation index?

A: calculation almost for members is the duty of the handicap Committee, personal bunengziyi computing almost index ball friends. Almost of the Commission\'s responsibilities is to use the Club installed computers almost system, through which local member server calculation, updated on a regular basis, download Golf Association handicap index, and to audit the results to ensure the accuracy of Member USGA Handicap Index.

Q: what can be submitted for the calculation of almost?

A: all players should be submitted in accordance with the following conditions: a round of 18 holes scores; finished more than 13 holes of the round ball results two consecutive 9-hole score.

Q: what kind of results do not meet the submission requirements?

A: scores not submitted the following situation:
1) number of holes completed by playing a round ball less than 13 holes;

2) baseball stadium in non golf activities determined by the local Golf Association season;

3) in the game most of the cave was not completed in accordance with the provisions of the rules of golf;

4) in a total length of less than 3,000 yards 18 holes golf results arising out of;

5) require the use of club competition resulting in grades of less than 14 root, such as: use only the hardcore game;

6) in the evaluation has not been the stadium, without making any USGA course rating and slope difficulty value of stadium Golf achievements.

Q: If a player fails to complete a hole, how he should record the results?

A: the player should press \"the most likely score\" record not holes after playing achievements.

Q: what is a player in the absence of hole after hitting record \"the most likely score\"?

Answer: \"most likely score\" is the number of players in the tunnel had been completed, after his/her estimate this number of holes remaining. For example: a player picked up the ball on a hole, then hit 5. His achievements in the hole will then record 5 plus he thinks may be of pusher. \"Most likely score\" by the \"fair number of Rod control\" (ESC) program\'s control. For example, if the players one hole records \"most likely score\" is 8, but according to \"fair number of Rod control\" (ESC) maximum number of records the player should be 7 bar, he should be in the cave record has a score of 7.

Question: did not play the hole or holes that are not completed in accordance with the rules of golf players how to record?

A: you should record the number of standard holes combined with player number of rods on the hole should be. For example, a player\'s course handicap is 10, he in the hole almost 1 to 10 of 10 holes each get 1 bar. Assumes that the player has finished giving up after 13 holes to play. For the rest of the 14 to 18 holes, in which players get 1 bar-bar hole, its results will be recorded as standard plus 1; any of the players can\'t be let hole, its score is recorded as standard.

Q: USGA Handicap Index should be how long updates?

A: in golf events determined by the local high society which season, USGA Handicap index update frequency should be not less than once a month and not more than two weeks at a time.

Q: did almost the Commission may adjust the player\'s handicap index?

Answer: Yes. Ensure that the player\'s handicap index to properly reflect the players ability to potentially play is almost the responsibilities of the Committee. But because of the system at all levels have certain permissions, Club Handicap Committee cannot modify member almost directly from the system index, so when almost Committee system update of a player\'s handicap index after objections, should contact control system server is a member of high society in time to adjust the player\'s handicap index.

Q: in what circumstances human need to adjust the player\'s handicap index?

A: in the following happens needs almost Committee to adjust the player\'s handicap index:
1) players who progress more quickly, than the system can reflect capacity;
Young players or beginners may advance more quickly, in accordance with standard procedures calculated almost index may not reflect his true level.

2) almost change in index was due to submit a large number of players in the non-achievement of this Club Stadium to play ball;
If a player\'s handicap index as submitted a large number of non-ball to stadium to play ball on improved 3 or above, and then the ball to play ball on clearly indicates that he\'s almost exponential increase too much, almost committees should be almost index adjusted down.

3) time to play ball;
USGA Handicap Index not rise due to the player temporarily stopped play. But temporarily stopped play players can get a temporary high handicap index. The USGA Handicap Index is not an official USGA Handicap Index, in use after which must be marked with a \"l\" to indicate that as a temporary almost in the localUse. For example, a player recently had surgery, its recovery period will give him a temporary high handicap index.

4) do not submit scores;
If the player does not commit all valid scorecard or fails to comply with the rules of the USGA Handicap System, his handicap index should be adjusted. Range of adjustment decided by the handicap Committee.

5) forging false results
If a player is false false results to achieve the purpose of affecting his USGA Handicap Index and almost Committee should be adjusted or canceled his handicap index. Forged false achievements include:
a. Submit error results;
b. Deliberately stopped playing after the after playing 12 holes to avoid submitting a scorecard;
c. Repeat playing more than one ball, to avoid submitting the scorecard;
d. Not in accordance with \"fair number of Rod control\" principle to adjust the corresponding hole scores;
e. Deliberately false results;
f. Deliberately adding additional rod so that the gross increase in the number.
Almost before the Commission in adjusting the player almost index must be a written or verbal notice the player himself, and listen to the players own explanation.

Question: If the player fails to submit a valid points card, almost Committee should do?

Answer: almost the Commission will submit a punishment for the player back the results or achievements.

Ask: almost Committee how to determine the punishment?

A: If you do not submit scores significantly lower than the players of the General results, you almost will follow the player track record, the Commission calculated almost the lowest differential results submitted. If you do not score significantly higher than the player scores submitted, pressing almost differential highest achievements in the record submitted.

Ask: almost Committee how to determine the penalty assessed value of the stadium?

A: penalties assessed value of the stadium will be used to calculate the minimum or maximum handicap differential of assessed value of the stadium.

Q: USGA Handicap Index adjustments of its validity period is how long?

A: its validity period decided by the handicap Committee. Every time when the USGA Handicap Index is updated, the Commission should have a USGA Handicap Index will be adjusted and the systems calculate the updated compared to the USGA Handicap Index, made the decision after.

Q submit \"results\" what is the purpose of the program?

Answer: the purpose of the program is used to identify that well in the match and significantly exceeded the USGA Handicap index level players. By \"results\" can be significantly lower player\'s handicap index, USGA Handicap Index will more truly reflect the player\'s level of play.

Q: how to submit the player\'s game score?

Answer: when submission results should be in the system match types list, select the \"t\".

Q: how the results will affect the player\'s USGA Handicap Index?

A: If the player\'s track record includes two or more results, and significantly lower than his handicap index (3), his handicap index will be significantly reduced. At the time of entry in the system performance, type of achievement column should select \"t\" (results). You will be in accordance with the competition of a formula to calculate USGA Handicap Index.

Q: how to define results?

A: performance refers to the player in a race Committee organization and under the guidance of the achievements gained in formal competitions. Competition provisions must decide after a round (or wheel) after the winner, and in strict accordance with the rules of golf regulations. On this basis, Committee responsible for the competition can be announced before the game whether the results of this race can be used as game scores (\"t\") submitted to the USGA Handicap System. Daily golf activities usually cannot be submitted as a competition. 9-hole results cannot be used as a competition.

Ask: almost Committee can cancel the player\'s handicap index?

Answer: Yes. Players if you repeatedly violate requirements of the USGA Handicap System, whose USGA Handicap Index will be cancelled. Before the players almost index adjusted, almost required in person or in writing of the Committee informed the players I am listening to my explanations. Remove or restore the player\'s handicap index will be decided by the Club Handicap Committee and reported to the respective high society with a view to changes in the system.

Q: when competitions are held, almost to the race organizing Committee Committee provides recommendations on players almost indices?

Answer: Yes. Required in accordance with the principles of the USGA, its recommendations are as follows:
1) participate in the competition provisions of USGA Handicap Index;
2) if the competition provides USGA Handicap Index requirements competed for players, players need to show valid USGA Handicap Index of proof on the day at the time of enrollment;
3) at the time of the start of the game the player at the start of the game available on the day of USGA Handicap Index should be used;
If a schedule of the competition spans almost index update, date of players in each round you should use valid USGA Handicap Index.

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