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Out of the ball in place cannot swing how to handle

Q: Scott out of the ball can\'t seem to swing at the stadium where his Caddy first came to the place where the ball, finds that it is unable to play for position, and picked up the ball before Scott arrived. How liable?

Answer: tell us the rule 28: whether the player is only able to determine their own ball who is to play the ball. So the Caddy itself is not allowed to announce not to play ball. Therefore, Scott was added one penalty violates rule 18-2A. 18-2A said the rules, except when permitted by the rules, non-player and his Caddy picked up or moved the ball, intentionally touched the ball or become
Behavior of the ball causes.

In the rule, caddies and players are one in many ways, so the player has the responsibility, of course. Caddie before you pick up the ball he must announce his for not playing ball.

Scott, after receiving a punishment, you can place the ball and play again, of course, he can also put one penalty, was fined a total of two rod case declare the ball for not playing ball. If he did, he can put the ball back to determine the reference point of the remedy, also could probably estimate the initial position of the ball.

And when the following conditions?

Q: looking for Scott in the course of the ball, his caddie had not been recognized by the Scott case, for identification purposes, will find a ball to put up the ball and the ball is actually Scott. How liable?

Answer: rule 12-2 requires that players in for the purpose of identifying ball should be informed of your intentions before pilling. Because it is not in the correct program, Scott was his caddie pilling was added one penalty for violation of rule 18-2A. Because they had no prior notification under rule 12-2 in relation to Pilling, append the penalty shot is no longer giving.

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