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Encountered outside several special case how to determine within the sectors

Q: Chris drive to the great barrier in the vicinity of the ball, he found the ball and finding the ball on the edge of the obstacle of district boundaries, and part of the ball also suspended above the line. So, did this ball is located within the barrier?

A: Yes. The answer is defined under rule 26 three aspects integrated in the draw. First, mark Water Hazard piles and cables belonging to the obstacle of the boundary area and, secondly, marks the boundary to the unlimited extension of the Water Hazard; third, when a ball in Water Hazard or any part of it touches the barrier zone, it is the ball in the Water Hazard. Therefore, when the ball touched
The boundaries of upward plane, it is considered to be touching the Water Hazard, although it did not touch the line itself. Since Chris ball is located within the barrier, he cannot touch obstacle golf club in the district to the ground, but he put the Club on the obstacles on the ground outside, there is no problem.

This ruling and suspended in the sandbox but did not touch on the ball to sand in the bunker is different. Due to the sandbox boundaries not extending upwards, so is not considered to be in the bunker and the ball. The ball must be touched to the bunker is considered to be a part of the ball in the bunker, the same applies to ball-ball must touch the ball in the hole hole makes a ball on the Putting Green.

How will the following disposal?

Q: Chris ball opens to the (course) near the border, the ball hanging above the line marked out, but did not touch the line. This ball out yet?

A: No. Mark itself outside the territories belonging to the profession and line-out to the up and down unlimited extension. When a ball in the territories as a whole when it was considered to be out (rule 27-definitions).

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