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Introduction to the USGA golf course difficulty assessment

USGA golf course difficulty assessment values are on a golf course and it has been assessed on golf course play difficult between the evaluation compared values, purpose is to provide a unified standard for USGA Handicap calculation. USGA golf course evaluation is a difficult belonging to United States Gao Xie (USGA) services, and can be used with the USGA Handicap System. Most countries use the international USGA course rating system.

1, the USGA course rating (USGA COURSE RATING) are based on the USGA standards, based on the pitch length and the other on the field effect of obstacles on the level of scratch golfer to play ball and calculated. Is a stadium in the normal course and weather conditions, a scratch golfer (SCRATCH GOLFER) play based on evaluation results from the course rating. It is a reservation to a values after the decimal point, is based on the coefficient of ball length and other obstacles summarized on scratch golfer playing achievement effect, and apply some formulas derived.

2, USGA slope difficulty value (USGA SLOPE RATING) is under the USGA standards to measure for non-scratch golfer to play the course rating. Stadium slopes with the lowest slope rating is 55 and the highest is 155. A standard difficult pitches its slope difficulty value for men, women players are 113.

Evaluation for a scratch golfer when the stadium (SCRATCH GOLFER) and the General almost players (BOGEY PLAYER, man 17.5 per cent, women 21.5 per cent) in the stadium to play ball rating each serve. In a stadium to play ball, scratch golfer and difference in General almost player scores more higher USGA slope difficulty value, number of players in the stadium is able to get more. Conversely, less difference in results between, USGA slope difficulty lower values, number of players in the Stadium are also less.

3, China Golf Association

High society has obtained in United States high society\'s authorization, using USGA course rating system, as well as in mainland China has implemented USGA golf course difficulty assessment of qualifications.

4, USGA course evaluation is based on the factors and formulas

a. Effective hitting distance

Evaluation Group will in each hole of measurement length Foundation Shang, in accordance with the several item effect play distance of factors assessment out effective hitting distance, effect factors including: different ball road conditions increased or reduced ball of scroll distance, and serve Taiwan and ball hole area Zhijian of height comparison, is uphill or downhill increased or reduced hitting distance, and dog leg hole camber or field Shang obstructions (as time, and bunker,) location forced players shortened hitting distance, and main wind and wind and altitude height on ball flight distance of effect,.

b. Obstacles modification coefficient

For a scratch golfer and almost players in accordance with the system barriers to set standard hole-by-assessment of the pitch, and taken into the calculation formula to calculate the obstacle modified coefficients. Obstacles include: falling ball, ball road width of ball road terrain, Putting Green goals, hitting the Rough, bunker location and size, easy of obstacles, trees and long grass areas, water distribution, Putting Green, psychological factors, such as gradient and size.

c. Distance difficulty value formula

I) male scratch golfer distance value = difficult pitches effective hitting distance ÷ 220+40.9
II) man with ordinary almost value = difficult to players from the pitch the effective hitting distance ÷ 160+50.7
III) female scratch golfer distance value = difficult pitches effective hitting distance ÷ 180+40.1
IV) woman ordinary almost value = difficult to players from the pitch the effective hitting distance ÷ 120+51.3

d. Course rating formula

I) USGA course rating = value + zero almost difficult to scratch golfer distance barriers modification coefficient
II) ordinary course rating = almost players almost player value + General almost difficult to distance barriers modification coefficient

e. USGA slope difficulty value formula

I) USGA slope difficulty value (man) =5.381x (General course rating almost player-USGA course rating)
II) USGA slope difficulty value (woman) =4.24x (General course rating almost player-USGA course rating)

5, the assessment procedure

Assessment team composed of 3 training evaluation of experienced personnel. Four steps to assess
(1) prior to the evaluation of preparations
(2) Stadium field-by-hole evaluation (the evaluation usually takes 18-hole 3-4 hours, the whole process will not affect the normal operation the stadium).
(3) when you need to play after the evaluation to test the barriers to assessment results.
(4) calculation of assessment results and made known to the Club

6, costs
In accordance with the evaluation of stadium high uniform provisions in cost

7, before the assessment preparation
To enable the smooth progress of the assessment, ball required before the evaluation will be done the following:
1) fruit Ridge Center of each hole serve to accurate distance code number (YARDAGE)
2) every hole Putting Green (green), the mean length and width (average diameter) (code)
3) assessment officers will serve from blue (men) and Red serve (women \'s) assessment, to make the assessment process more accurate, need per hole fairway Center placement of the ball position for marking paint or small flags (PAR3 except for holes)

Specific requirements are as follows:

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