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Match ball flight line has a problem in how to handle

Q: Paul and Craig were engaged in a match, Paul from a hole cut out of the ball before the ball crossed the Putting Green, hit the ball bag after Mr Clegg on the Putting Green. At this point they who should be punished for it?

A: no penalty. Clegg this time you can choose in the existing State of the ball, play or cancel the hitting and hitting the back to the original location (rule 19-3). Due to his bad play and he should be using the latter option, unless the ball hit the ball once, rolling on the Putting Green. As the ball ran into Craig or his caddie or when their Equipment (not included are
Golf hole in his use of the ball) treatments are the same.

If Craig and Paul are companions in the Stroke play competition, then only in the case of impunity, in the present situation of the ball State to play ball and lost again hitting choice, because peer players and their Equipment belonging to the outside. If players strike the ball accidentally by their own Equipment, in the match he was in the hole; Stroke Play penalty in the status bar and in the second Ball State to play ball.

Following is how to deal with?

Q: Paul from a hole cut out of the ball before the ball crossed the ball hole hit the Clegg and shared by Paul placed the ball in the hole next to the area in the car, how to deal with?

A: two players share a cart usually is seen as a ball player\'s Equipment is being processed. Therefore, Paul the ball is hit your own Equipment, so he is liable in a match for the hole or in Stroke Play penalty in the second bar. Exceptions are when the ball hit a cart, Clegg is driving the cart, the cart is considered to be Craig\'s Equipment, and Paul will not go unpunished and have the option of hitting the back.

Noun explanation

Equipment (equipment): that is, in addition to player in the use of the ball, players of what I am using, wearing or carrying materials.

Fellow players (fellow competitor): Stroke play ball in the same group race in friends. In the match for the two to fight a group to another group, the same group of people known as the second partner (partner), and race each other is called the opponent (opponent).

Outside (outside agency): during the match, regardless of the match\'s people or things; in Stroke play, or, who do not belong to one of the game. Referee, record, or header child (forecaddie) for Outside Agency. Wind and water are not part of the Outside Agency.

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