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Ball falling into the water after the obstacle has been playing new ball handling

Q: Paul thought his ball into a Water Hazard, he is looking for about 1 minute later, under the relevant rules of water obstacles, in the Water Hazard after throwing another ball and hit the ball. Then his ball in an obstruction was found outside the region, and is measured from the start looking for the ball within 5 minutes. Should be disposed of?

A: because Paul had another ball into a \"ball\", he will not play the original ball. But the key question is whether there is sufficient evidence to prove that in the initial ball in Water Hazard (rule 26-1). If you have plenty of
Evidence--from a rules perspective possibilities of roughly 95%, Paul can continue to play the dropped ball. If there is sufficient evidence, Paul was constituted after he threw the ball in the wrong place to play ball (rule 20-7). He is the hole in the match, was additionally fined two-rod in the Stroke play. If there is suspected of serious foul (if a place of him playing in the original bar and distance penalty in front of a lot), he must kick off to correct the error before the next hole, from the right place to play, or else they would be disqualified.

And how to dispose of the following conditions?

Q: Paul thinks his ball in Water Hazard, he got about 1 minute, then in accordance with the rules of Water Hazard to throw the ball. Before in his play, another player is allowed 5 minutes outside a Water Hazard found Paul\'s initial ball. How to deal with?

A: Paul will not be allowed to play the original ball. Once he dropped another ball, the ball becomes ball (rule 20-4). However, if there is no sufficient evidence within the initial ball in Water Hazard, he will be allowed to pick up the ball, in accordance with the rules for lost balls, throw it in the right place and no further punishment (rule 20-6).

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