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Windy weather and a challenging crosswind ball of some principles

Windy weather does affect the effect of the play, but also adds a lot of fun playing. In general we consider is playing under the wind, headwind and crosswind conditions, wind direction, of course not always parallel or perpendicular to the goal line, but we can from the wind, headwind and crosswind hitting skills to understand various changes of wind direction, the lessons learned. Some article talked about Shun, against the wind the ball in front of the play, this article mainly introduces the crosswind ball\'s principles.

People often increase or decrease the number of the Club to go with the inverse, the impact of wind on distance, mainly of wind power in view
Size and personal experience. Crosswind handling becomes even more difficult, because the crosswind effects not only distance, also affects the direction.

In General, faster than 10 miles per hour winds are likely to change the direction of flight of the ball, especially high and soft ball. Under the strong winds, attacking Greens, hardcore, the smart play is to use the 7th, and swing with three-fourths instead of the normal use of the hardcore, 9th. As for the long-ball, we need to consider is the use of the wind is against the wind, Breeze and strong winds described separately below.

Breeze: 5-10 mph breeze, you can easily reduce its impact, mainly to allow the ball to pass through it: from left to right wind blowing to make a small hook; from right to left wind to blow a small right curve ball. But note that you must direct aim at the target, so that effects of wind and curving shots can cancel each other out, which eventually enables remains straight shots. If the wind had slightly larger point, or curvature of the sphere is slightly more or slightly less than planned, it will still be able to let the ball close to the target point.

Strong winds: we here more than 10 MPH wind as strong winds. For strong winds, bent to offset the effects of the wind still need a course of action, sometimes consider a sudden strong gust blows on the ball. For example, for strong winds to blow on the left to the right, we could aim a bit to the left of the target, and then made a right curve ball, the wind will bring the ball back to the real destination point. Address wide range of large, making the ball requires much of bending, which relies on the experience. Each time you play carefully record the data, you can even choose a \"second goal\" hitting, rely on the wind brought the ball to the real goal.

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