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Pregnancy Nineth Chikayuki 59th day

Surface smooth of baby brain development, only a main groove back. Double eyelid has formed of the fetus. Structure of fetal eye has been developing very well. Fetuses are 4~5 mm long, weighing about 5 grams.

Antenatal instruction of information between the mother and fetus by daily communication of chemical components in the blood. Chinese medicine is "pregnant mother take gas to students, with one mind, joy and anger, a bias, that is, child diseases caused by" theory. Medical studies have shown that mother's emotion directly affects the endocrine changes, and endocrine changes and blood flow to the fetus ' body, such as adrenal Medullary hormones increase through blood affect the normal development of the fetus, so emotional antenatal instruction is necessary.

Pregnant mother care during pregnancy breasts grow, so by the breast size you want to replace the nipple-shield. Before you purchase the nipple-shield measured dimensions. Most-with tape measure first through two nipple bra. Then minimum bra breast following anti-line on both sides, sold in nipple-shield number is the minimum number of bra. To use the maximum minimum bra bra minus, divide by 2, find the approximate height of the breast. When choosing a nipple-shield, not only the number right, also under nipple-shield whether the height of the cone-shaped uplift commensurate with the approximate height of their breasts, breast-tapered can accommodate, not nipple-shield sold in all the designs are very scientific nor as nipple-shield can be purchased, fit, not many nipple-shield to up hold up stable effect of protecting the breasts.

Lower than vegetable diet nutrition content of inorganic salts in fruits, therefore not a substitute for vegetable. Advocates of pregnant women eat 500 g green vegetables, and staple the amount of fruits, but not fruit instead of staple food and vegetables, selecting fruit to pick fruits containing less carbohydrate as well.

Try the steamed custard: with eggs, small dried shrimps, sesame oil, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, minced scallion adequate. First the egg into the bowl, add salt, small dried shrimps, monosodium glutamate, stir with chopsticks, the eggs. Then add warm or cold water 1~1.5 times. Fine egg on Mong Kok water steam for 15 minutes. Under fire, cast a soy sauce, sesame oil and minced scallion.

Did you know that due to the heavy metal pollution, edible seafood may affect fetal development of the nervous system, without getting the fish security, small fish eat once a week more safe, and steamed.

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